Baby Nails - Perfect for using when breastfeeding or bottle feeding your baby

Welcome to our Baby Nails store. If you're looking for a simple to use, hands-free way of keeping your little one's delicate nails neat & trim then you've come to the right place.
Stop 'thumbling' around with your baby’s nails. Slip a 'Thumble' nailfile onto your thumb and keep hold of your baby whilst filing their nails. Invented out of necessity for our own baby we hope this product will help you to keep your baby's nails smooth and short.
Using our patent pending 'Thumble' and disposable adhesive nailfiles, you will have both hands free to cradle your baby using just your thumb to do the filing in a relaxed manner. We find the perfect time to smooth our baby's nails is when feeding. Having both hands free allows you to feed your baby on the breast or with a bottle and file away in a relaxing manner. Baby Nails also has an opening on the front allowing you to wear the nail file securely, even with a long thumbnail.

PS: We won’t tell anybody if you use it to keep your nails looking nice and trim too!