Where is Baby Nails Made?

Baby Nails is manufactured and assembled in the United Kingdom.

How did you decide on the correct grit to use?

Through lots of trial and error with our own baby. We purchased an awful lot of nailfiles of different grits and material.

How long should each disposable nailfile last?

We estimate that each nailfile should last one sitting. It may last longer, sometimes it may last less, it depends on how bad your baby’s nails are! If they are really long you may wish to try and trim your baby’s nails with nail clippers or scissors for the first time. We appreciate this may be difficult though because that’s why we invented the product in the first place!

How long will delivery take?

All orders within the UK are sent out by Royal Mail. You should receive the purchase within two to three working days (we aim to ship any items within 24 hours). International Items are sent out via Royal Mail International Standard and take approximately 5-7 working days (using the United States as an example). If you need our Baby Nails products for the next day or quicker internationally, then please get in touch and we will see what can be done.

How much is delivery?

All Baby Nails products are subject to a one time only delivery charge of £1.49 in the UK or £3.49 anywhere else in the world.

Will I pay customs duty if I do not live in the United Kingdom?

If you live in Europe then the answer is definitely no! If you live in the United States, then the answer is also no. In fact, if you live outside the United Kingdom and you are charged import duty on your Baby Nails purchase, we will refund the charge and update this Information page for the benefit of other purchasers.

What is the 'Thumble' made out of?

The thumble is made out of a mixture of polypropylene and a flexible elastomer. Various mixtures were tried until we found one which was both stiff enough to give a secure fit, but flexible enough so that it will not break under stress - such as being stepped on.

Can the 'Thumble' be used with long nails?

Yes, the thumble was specifically designed to be used with long nails, which is why there is an opening at the front of the thumble for your nail to protude through.

Does the 'Thumble' come in different sizes? 

As the thumble is flexible it should be able to accomodate most thumbs. If for some reason the 'thumble' doesn't fit your thumb then we will be happy to refund your money.

What if I'm not happy with Baby Nails and want to return it?

We really hope this won't be the case but if there is a problem with your order and you wish to return it to us, you should e-mail us via and we will advise how to return the item for a refund should you be entitled.